Hartlebury Primary School We grow in the Christian values of love, tolerance and forgiveness; learning together, respecting each other

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Gwendoline - The Welsh Dragon

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Our Christian Distinctiveness

At Hartlebury Church of England Primary School we have a nurturing environment embedded with the core Christian values of Love, Tolerance and Forgiveness. This trinity of Christian values are underpinned by many other values that we learn about and develop throughout the year. Although our values are not exclusively Christian we approach them through the teachings of Jesus and develop our understanding from this Christian view point.

We strive to create a school family that nurtures and supports the whole school community; treating everyone with love, compassion and respect. We aim to:-

  • Prepare children for life in a multi-cultural, multi-faith world
  • Support children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural development
  • Enable children to consider and develop Christian values and beliefs as a positive force for good
  • Be inclusive; fostering a real sense of community and unity for all our stakeholders
  • Enable children to understand and develop the Christian values of Love, Tolerance and Forgiveness.

We have close links with our parish church of St James’ in Hartlebury. Members of their congregation joins us regularly for worship. We celebrate a daily act of worship with the whole school based around our monthly value. Worship is led by a variety of people and groups, including the children, the teaching staff, the vicar, members of St James and our local community. Parents are always welcome to join our worship.