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Early Years Unit

Our Early Years Lead is Miss Gemma Bagnall

Our Early Years Administrator is Mrs Moira Fudge

Our Early Years unit provides quality educational opportunities and experiences for children during the Year before they start Reception until they move into Year 1. We have a mixed age unit lead by a qualified Early Years Practitioner, supported by a large team of Early Years specialist support assistants, who are qualified in a variety of areas but always very experienced. We focus on extending learning and experiences through play and fun!

We cater for a maximum of 45 children at varying times during the week; 30 Reception aged children and up to 15 pre-school children at any one session. We use a childcentred learning approach as the driver in all we do, tailoring our curriculum to the needs of individual children.

We strongly believe that by always having the child, their interests and experiences, first and foremost we develop happy, confident, engaged learners; learners ready to progress and fulfil their maximum potential.

We fundamentally believe that the best learning comes from the interests of our children, and learning is a process in which we all play a part. We actively promote parental involvement in our children's learning, and promote parents as a child's first educator.

We firmly believe that learning is a process, with every child progressing at their own rate. With careful planning and support, we ensure that every child, regardless of age or ability, makes the best progress they can. Our experienced team, supported by our Special Needs Leader, are able to identify needs at an early stage and support children and families to enable early success.

We have a fresh, exciting, well-resourced learning environment that operates from two distinct learning rooms, but we also have a large outdoor space that the children have access to at all times. Early Years children also make good use of our field, pond and stream area through the outdoor learning opportunities and play time.

We are able to offer full wrap around care, including lunch for all, from 7.30am- 6.00pm Mondays to Thursdays, 7.30am -5.00pm on Fridays. All this care is supported by members of our Early Years Team, to ensure our youngest children are confident and happy to attend, joining in with all the great activities that are planned.

We have fun. Lots of fun!

  • Places are intended for children moving to our Reception Class and priority will be given to children in the year before they start School.
  • Admissions to the School will be allocated following our Admissions Policy. Where we are oversubscribed our Admissions Policy will also apply to the Early Years Unit.
  • We offer 30 funded hours and the possibility of some additional sessions based on our ability to meet your child’s individual needs.
  • Nursery Education Funding Forms (NEF) need to be completed and returned before we are able to access the funded hours for your child
  • We offer daily sessions from 8.45am - 11.45am and from 12.15pm - 3.15pm.
  • We prefer children to do morning sessions or full days; we do not offer afternoon only sessions.
  • We offer lunch time supervision from 11.45am -12.15pm for children staying the whole day at an additional cost of £2.00 per day.
  • Children staying the whole day are able to bring a packed lunch or have a hot lunch in school for an additional charge of currently £1.60.
  • We are only able to offer additional session’s not extra hours and these must form part of the child’s overall regular attendance. We are not able to offer occasional hours.
  • Collections at lunchtime are from the side door, accessed via the front driveway.
  • Additional sessions are £13.50 per 3 hours (£4.50 per hour).
  • Invoices will be issued, in advance, at the beginning of each month. Payment in full will need to be made before the beginning of the following month. Missed sessions are unable to be refunded or carried forward.
  • Once sessions are notified they can only be changed / increased after discussion with the Early Years team and Mrs Moira Fudge, the Early Years Administrator.
  • School uniform is required for our youngest children and is available from our suppliers and ordered through the school website www.hartlebury.worcs.sch.uk
  • All Children will need to be toilet trained to join the Early Years Unit.
  • Children will need wellingtons and coats in school every day.
  • Various policies and procedures, including the Safeguarding and behaviour policy, are available on the school web site www.hartlebury.worcs.sch.uk

Having a place in our pre-school DOES NOT guarantee a place in our school. Admissions to our school are arranged by Worcestershire Local Authority Pupil Admissions. Children in our catchment area are given priority. All children will need to apply, by January of their intake year, for a place in the Reception Class via the Local Authority admissions department