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School Meals

Hot lunches are provided by Shire Services. They are cooked fresh daily on site. All dishes produced meet the government's 'Nutritional Standards'. All children in Key Stage 1 and Reception are entitled to a Free school meal.

Shire Services ask that you as parents support the government initiative of Universal Free School Meals and take up this opportunity. Funding for the provision of these meals will be tightly monitored and meals cannot be produced if they are not taken. At the end of September if you feel your child no longer wishes to take the meal option, we will provide an opt out form for you to sign. Please be advised that if this option is taken, your child will not be provided with a meal until you opt back in. (the system as set by the school is half termly). Parents will be responsible for providing a packed lunch when they opt out.

If your child has any allergies or dietary requirements, these can be dealt with on an individual basis.





Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2
Early Years


(Depends on how many days child attends the setting)

We are very lucky to be able to enjoy ‘Special Lunches’ here at School. These are sent out Monthly and the children have the option to have this meal if Packed Lunches are regularly taken. Special Lunches replace the normal menu for that day. We also hold Grandparents, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Special Lunches. Further information can be found in our Newsletters or via ParentMail.

School Meal Timetable