Hartlebury Primary School We grow in the Christian values of love, tolerance and forgiveness; learning together, respecting each other

Who will win this term’s Bear?
Gwendoline - The Welsh Dragon

Our Value this month is:

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Our Staff

Meet the School Team

  • Mrs C Unitt Head Teacher
  • Mrs C Grand Deputy Head Teacher
  • Miss K Gledhill School Administrator
  • Mrs M Fudge Finance Officer & Early Years Administrator
  • Mr N Humphries Site Manager
  • Mr J Plant Acting Site Manager
  • Miss G Bagnall Early Years Leader and Reception Teacher
  • Mrs S Bartlett Year 1 Teacher and SENCO
  • Mrs J Vernon Year 2 Teacher (am)
  • Miss K Haynes Year 2 Teacher (pm)
  • Mrs C Grand Year 3 Teacher (am)
  • Mrs D Wares Year 3 Teacher (pm)
  • Miss C Perry Year 4 Teacher
  • Miss R Salter Year 5 teacher
  • Miss T Branagh Year 6 teacher
  • Miss C Bates Teaching Assistant
  • Mr D Cadwallader Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs S Hackett Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs M Leavesley Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs L Odell Teaching Assistant
  • Miss K Owen Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs T Preece Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs N Purslow Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs N Roberts Teaching Assistant
  • Miss N Round Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs S Scrivens Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs L Tristram Teaching Assistant
  • Miss I Westley Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs C Bates Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs C Cartwright Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs A Collins Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs L Mulcahy Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs D Roberts Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Miss C Thomas Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs L Wesley Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs D Wilton Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs N Purslow Breakfast Club Leader
  • Mrs L Odell Breakfast Club Supervisor
  • Mrs L WesleyAfter School Care Leader
  • Mrs C BatesAfter School Care Supervisor
  • Mrs D Roberts After School Care Supervisor
  • Mrs J Crowe Catering Manager
  • Miss C Broad Kitchen Staff
  • Mrs D Guy Kitchen Staff