Hartlebury Primary School We grow in the Christian values of love, tolerance and forgiveness; learning together, respecting each other

Who will win this term’s Bear?
Gwendoline - The Welsh Dragon

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Our Pledge

The Governing Body at Hartlebury Church of England Primary School aims to guarantee the following opportunities for your child, regardless of gender, creed or academic ability, whilst they are a full time pupil at Hartlebury Church of England Primary School.

  • To develop the pupil’s spiritual well being through a secure Christian and caring ethos.
  • To be offered four residential educational visits during Key Stage 2.
  • To learn and develop basic skills in a variety of competitive sports.
  • To participate in stage drama productions in a variety of capacities.
  • The opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument.
  • To study the basics of two modern foreign languages.
  • To have a code of conduct that serves the community.
  • To have made a positive contribution to society.