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Early Years Staff

Early Years had a FABULOUS time during World Book Day reading lots of Stories and making up their own. They even performed the story of ‘Little Rabbit Foo Foo’ to the whole school during assembly which was the story that all the Early Years Adults came dressed as. We all think they look AMAZING!


The children in Pre-School and Reception had a really fantastic day finding out all about how Hindus and Sikhs celebrate Diwali. Everybody dressed in bright colours and took part in lots of Diwali activities including making Rangoli patterns, making Diva lamps, doing some traditional dancing, talking about Diwali photographs, drawing our own Mendhi patterns and retelling the story of the first Diwali. We were also able to try some traditional Diwali sweets donated by one of our lovely families. What a special day!

Please look at all our fabulous Diwali pictures in our Gallery.

Happy Birthday Grace

This week Early Years have been learning all about “Birthdays” as part of our “Let’s Celebrate” topic. On Friday, we had a birthday party for our class RE bear Grace, who turned 4. We sang songs, gave her presents, made her cards, played party games and even had some cakes and jelly! The children worked so hard all week to plan the party and we had all had such a lovely time! There were lots of opportunities for reading, writing, counting, talking and working as a team. We learnt that it is not just about winning when we play games and we all supported our friends who won prizes in Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues and Pass the Balloon.

Well done Early Years and Happy Birthday Grace!

Please look through more of our fabulous photos in our Gallery.

Early Years

The Early Years adults have been at it again! On Monday they all dressed up as different Nursery Rhyme characters – Incy Wincy Spider, Twinkle, Twinkle, The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Jill (from Jack and Jill).

This week is World Nursery Rhyme Week and Early Years will be focusing on Nursery Rhymes – singing, acting, drawing, building, writing, counting and so much more! Nursery Rhymes are so important for children’s development! So get singing!

Celebrating Sinterklaas!

Early Years have been having such fun finding out all about how people in The Netherlands celebrate Christmas! Miss Bagnall has Dutch family and was able to tell the children all about what her family do during the festive season.

We learnt all about St.Nikolas and his white horse Amerigo who visits the children on the 6th December. We were very surprised when we found out that children put their shoes under the tree, instead of stockings!

We left our shoes under the class tree and St.Nikolas paid us a visit and brought us some chocolate lollies. As part of our celebrations we also listened to some Dutch poetry, tried on some clogs, had a look at a Dutch flag and tasted some traditional Dutch biscuits. It is traditional in The Netherlands to receive your initials made from chocolate as a gift for Sinterklaas so we had a go at piping our own letters. It was really tricky!

We were then really lucky to have a very special visitor come to our class. One of our children has a Dutch uncle who had come to visit for Christmas. Richard came and spoke to all of the children in Early Years and answered their questions about life in the Netherlands. We found out about Dutch houses, food, weather and celebrations. We even learnt a little bit of the Dutch language. Thank you Richard!

Please look at all our fabulous Sinterklaas photos in our Gallery.