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Bishops Wood Educational Visit

To support our ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’ topic this term, Class 3 went on an Educational Visit to the Bishop’s Wood Centre on Friday 19th October 2018. The children took part in the Stone Age programme of activities and had a truly fantastic experience.

Please look out for more photos in our Gallery.


Some of our Year 3 and 4 children are on a residential at the Pioneer Centre. They all arrived safely and quickly settled into their rooms, having had great fun making their own beds! They enjoyed their first activities of climbing, archery and fencing, with all the children achieving even more than anticipated. Their team work is fantastic and something we all should be proud of. They were all ready for tea, which was a roast chicken dinner, followed by chocolate cake, and enjoyed by all. Followed by a campfire with singing and games, before hot chocolate and collapsing into bed. The weather is fabulous this year and they are really looking forward to a fun packed few days.

London Visit

Please read below a beautifully written account of a London Visit by Eadie and Grace.

On Tuesday 5th March, five Year 6’s visited London. After a long coach journey, we finally arrived.

We gathered with some of the other schools from the trust, and made our way into Tate Britain. Here we walked around (in our groups) and admired the Artwork. Our favourite was a collage of beautiful photos and paintings.

Then we rejoined with the other schools to eat lunch and complete a quiz created by Mr James who organised the trip, to help us engage with the other children. Excitedly, we walked alongside the River Thames and down to the Houses of Parliament for a guided tour. On the way we saw the Shard which is the tallest building in London and also the London Eye.

When we got to the Houses of Parliament, we split into two groups. Both groups had a tour guide. Our tour guide was called Evangeline. We had to go through security to get in and it felt like we were going on holiday. After that we followed our tour guide to the front of Parliament where we saw and heard cries of disagreement/protesting.

Evangeline took us to the House of Commons, where we saw our first debate. After about five minutes, we left to go and see the House of Lords. Here we found out some interesting facts that we would like to share with you.

  1. Queen Elizabeth only comes to the House of Lords once a Year.
  2. The Queen has her own golden throne in the House of Lords.
  3. Michael Jackson wanted to buy the throne.
  4. Here we noticed that there was glass separating us and the debaters. Later on we were told that the glass was soundproof because protesters used to shout out in disagreement.

We carried on our tour and at the end everyone took a group photo.

When we got back to the High School everyone was exhausted from the amazing trip.

Morgan Motor Company Visit

On Tuesday 3rd October, we went to the Morgan Motor Company in Malvern, because we have been learning about this topic since the start of term. At 9:00am we left school for the forty minute drive to Malvern.

When we got to the factory we watched a video on the history of Morgan cars. I learnt that the company had been making cars for over a century and that the fastest Morgan car could reach a top speed of 190mph. After that, we split into groups of 11. One group had Kevin as their guide (he was who I had) and the other group had Mike.

We then took a tour around the factory and show room. I found out there was a car in the room that had raced in a French tournament and had won it! I got to sit in the exact one!

Next, we went to where the production line was and my favourite part was where they painted the cars. Did you know that when they go into the painting area they would have to take the whole car apart again to paint it?!

Finally, we went to the museum and the shop and I got my own little car. Once we’d had lunch and played on the playground we headed home after a great day!

Beau Ballard – Class 6

Malvern Trip

On Tuesday 19th September I went to Great Malvern with my class. Firstly we walked up to Hartlebury train station. When we finally got there we had our snack and waited for the train. After waiting for the train to come it arrived at the station and we all boarded, luckily the whole class got a seat. We had to swap trains a few times before we got there.

When we got there the first thing we did was look at the Victorian train station and we found a place where you would weigh your bag. After we had finished looking at the train station we walked up to the Malvern Museum where half of the class split up. Some went to the museum and the other half went to the Malvern Priory. I went to the Priory first. We walked to the Priory and we firstly looked at it from the outside and it was very big so we were wondering how they got to the top because it was built around 900 years ago. When we went inside we got a leaflet telling us about the building. Then we had a nice man tell us a bit more about how people had to keep on rebuilding it. In the olden days the people who lived in the village sold the Priory to a man for £20, in those days it would have been about £2 billion. After that we walked to the back of the Priory and found the seats on which the monks sneakily leaned while they had their long service. The man we were talking to at the beginning also said that in the back of the Priory there was a keyhole we could look through to see the same gas lamp C.S. Lewis put in the Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe. So we did and it looked so cool.

After that we went to the Malvern Museum where I dressed up as a lady peasant with six kids and an ill husband. I had to beg to a monk for some food and some medicine. I also learned about how people lived on the Malvern Hills. We went to the second floor  and learned about the water cure and people thought it was good to wrap themselves in wet sheets and go to sleep. After that room we went to the Morgan room where it showed us how they made Morgan cars and why lady’s had different bicycles to men because lady’s wore long dresses and had to have a low crossbar.

After the museum we sat down and had some lunch but we had to do that quickly so we didn’t miss the train before getting our Malvern spring water. So after we had our lunch we got our water and made it to the train just in time to get back to school for home time.


Written by Sophia Rose

Class 6


Class 4 Visit to the Butterfly Farm

On the 13th June, 2017 Class 4 went to Stratford-Upon-Avon to see the Butterfly’s and then we went to see Shakespeare’s burial. When we went to the Butterfly Farm we learnt all about butterflies. There are lots of butterflies in the farm. After a while we had our lunch. Our guide Harriet leaded us into the rooms where the insects are. We held a millipede; it felt a bit tickly in my hand. The millipede has more than 200 legs. Harriet had a good friend iguana called Stumpy.

After the butterfly farm, we walked to William Shakespeare’s burial where he was buried. Shakespeare has been there for 400 years, he was born in 1564 and he died at 1616 and that’s when Shakespeare was 52 years old. He died on his birthday and that was the wrong day to die because on your birthday is a very special day.

After that we spent 5 minutes on the park. I had a go on the zip line then I spent some time with Sean on the spinner then we got too dizzy. We had to go so we walked back to the minibus strapped in then went back to school.

Written by Jayden Winters

Class 4

Year 3 Forest School

Year 3 have been enjoying teacher led Forest School in our designated area of the school field. Forest school helps children develop many skills. It is very physical so it encourages children to be active, with lots of activities to develop both fine and gross motor skills.

Children learn to assess, appreciate and take risks, making sensible, informed decisions about how to tackle the activities and experiences they encounter. They’re learning to be self-sufficient and take care of themselves, which boosts their confidence and self-esteem. Through trial and error they learn to develop the resilience to keep trying: a vital skill in the classroom as well as outside.

Forest school ties in with many areas of the National Curriculum.

Children also benefit from the simple act of being outdoors. Research has shown that it improves mental and spiritual health, communication skills and social relationships, among other things. Connecting with nature helps children feel part of the world.

Please see more Forest School photos in our Year 3 section of our Gallery.

Trip to London

On Tuesday 6th March, five pupils from Hartlebury C of E (VC) Primary School went to London to go to the Tate Modern and the Houses of Parliament to attend a laws and debating workshop. We went in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. In the House of Commons we have MPs and in the House of Lords we have Lords and Baronesses. We even saw Lord Alan Sugar! In the House of Commons there are 650 MPs and in the House of Lords there are 800 Lords and Baronesses. We had a great day! We enjoyed meeting our local MP (Nigel Huddleston) and learnt a lot about how government works in our country. We are now looking forward to our practice debate at the High School next week. Please see more photos from London in our Gallery.

By Harrison and Ellis

Rocks and Soils Educational Visit

Earlier this term, Class 3 went to Lower Smite Farm for workshops linked to our Rocks and Soils topic.  The weather was rather windy, but we were able to get out onto the farm for some serious investigative work linked to our science topic this term.

We dug down into the soil using soil augers to look at the different soil layers in the field.  We made our own soil, classified different rock types, and learnt about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks using sweets!

A great time was had by all and we came back to school feeling very knowledgeable about the whole subject.

Please look at the other pictures we took that can be found in our Gallery.