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Harvest Service at St James Church

Our Harvest Service was held at St James Church on Sunday 1st October, 2017. It was lovely to see so many of our families and people from the community attend our wonderful service. Children from our school Read and took part in Open the Book. All children that attended sang beautifully and helped to present the Harvest in the service.

As a school we collected non-perishables for Harvest and sent them to Maggs Day Care Centre in Worcester. They were truly grateful for all the donations of food.

Thank you as always for your continued support and your generous donations.

Hartlebury Rocks

After being inspired by all the amazing Remembrance displays and in honour of all the service men, women and animals who have served, suffered and sacrificed their lives for our country since World war 1 (this being the centenary year), I thought it would be lovely to display some decorated “poppy rocks” around the war memorial at St James Church (our local church in Hartlebury) and to encourage the community to take part via the Hartlebury matters and Hartlebury rocks Facebook pages.

What better way to bring a village community and families together by spending a few moments decorating a stone, taking time to reflect and making our children aware of the importance of Remembrance Day.

Created by Mrs A Collins (Parent and Staff Member)

Remembrance Poem by Year 5


All they did for us,

100 years ago,

They marched in war against Germany,

To give us a better future.




The whistle of the shells,

The moan of the soldiers,

Roar of guns,

All of that,

To give us a better future.


5 months in,

The war showed no sign of ending,

Millions already lost,

Hospital carts everywhere,

All that to give us a better future.


Written by Year 5 children that they read out during our Remembrance Service at St James’ Church on Thursday 8th November 2018.





Open the Book welcomes Reverend Stephen Winter

Open the Book takes place during our Worship and is run by Church Volunteers. Every Wednesday morning the volunteers perform stories from the bible with help from the children in our school. We finish each week with a hymn chosen by the Open the Book team.

Reverend Stephen Winter is new to St James’ Church and joined us for Open the Book on Wednesday 16th January 2019. Reverend Stephen Winter has also joined our Governing Body as a Foundation Governor. We hope he feels very welcome within our lovely community and school.

The Last Supper

On Wednesday 20th March 2019, members of Open the Book presented the story of The Last Supper. Some of our children had small speaking parts and the children all sang Kumbaya. The children who took part in the presentation shared bread and “wine” (apple and blackcurrant juice) as part of The Last Supper demonstration.